Project study and design basis:

Samako for engineering takes its place to turn the dreams into realities. From preliminary budgeting through post-award engineering and design assistance, Samako for engineering works closely with owner to think creatively ,identify options , simplifying the solutions and develop a comprehensive project documents which is the nearest to close time ,cost, quality triangle.



Project Design:

Samako for engineering offering whether full or partial project design, starting from surveying work and co-ordinates generating. Soil geotechnical study and report, design basis as per project location, identifying codes till the drawings for all civil-electromechanical fields.


Managing Projects:

Samako for engineering offers full service for project managing program, with a seasoned group of professionals in every department. Full project time schedule, project individual elements time schedule , critical activities execution planning, cost monitoring, quality assurance program and document circulation are some of our tools in our challenge to the real world project problem to achieve our customers’ goals and target.



Work execution:

Samako for engineering offering expands its activities of executions to cover the following fields:

Excavation, Leveling and Soil Works



civil work:

Our team offering his experience in all the executing fields of civil works :

Heavy Foundations and Road Works



Paving and FLooring Works, Equipments Foundations and Fixation, Applying Cement or Epoxy Grouting



Steel work:

Our team offering his experience in all the executing fields of steel works :

Shed and Warehouseing Works, Dust Collectors and Bag Filters, Piping Works.



Tanks, Hoppers, and Collectors Fabrication and Installation, Including Equipments, Pumps, Motors, Compressors.